High-performance 19" Fan Tray
LE 019

  • High air output
  • Long service life
  • Ball bearing fans
  • Ready for connection
  • Optical function indicator

Compact high performance fan tray for enforced circulation of air in switch and server enclosures and for concerted cooling of 19" component groups. Natural convection is improved and the formation of localised hot pockets is avoided. Also available with integrated thermostat (see photo).

Technical Data

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Axial fans, ball bearingservice life 50,000h at +25°C (+77°F), 65% RH
Materialfront panel aluminium, bright anodised
casing steel sheet, electrogalvanized
Optical indicatorintegrated in front panel
ConnectionIEC power inlet in rear of casing, IEC plug included
Fitting positionvertical airflow (air outlet up)
Operating/Storage temperature-10 to +60°C (+14 to +140°F) / -40 to +70°C (-40 to +158°F)
Operating/Storage humiditymax. 90% RH (non-condensing)
Protection type/Protection classIP20 / I (earthed)

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Use in 19" enclosures:
We recommend using the fan tray without integrated thermostat in combination with our dual thermostat (ZR 011 Art. No. 01176.0-00) for regulating temperature in electronic enclosures and for protection against overheating due to possible fan failure.

The dual thermostat regulates the operation of the fan tray and - when connected to a signal device - also triggers an early warning if the enclosure interior temperature rises above a set limit. When using a fan tray with integrated thermostat, the use of an additional thermostat (KTS 011 Art. No. 01147.9-00) provides the extra safety of activating a signal device.

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Art. No.ThermostatNo. of fansOperating voltageAir volume, free flowPower consumptionAverage noise level (DIN EN ISO 4871)Speed (rpm)Weight (approx.)Approvals
01930.0-00without3230VAC, 50Hz486m³/h45W55db (A)2600 rpm (50Hz)3.0kgUL File No. E234324EAC
01930.1-000 to +60°C3230VAC, 50Hz486m³/h45W55db (A)2600 rpm (50Hz)3.4kgUL File No. E234324EAC
01940.0-00without6230VAC, 50Hz972m³/h90W57db (A)2600 rpm (50Hz)5.3kgUL File No. E234324EAC
01940.1-000 to +60°C6230VAC, 50Hz972m³/h90W57db (A)2600 rpm (50Hz)5.7kgUL File No. E234324EAC
01950.0-00without9230VAC, 50Hz1458m³/h135W58db (A)2600 rpm (50Hz)7.8kgUL File No. E234324EAC
01950.1-000 to +60°C9230VAC, 50Hz1458m³/h135W58db (A)2600 rpm (50Hz)7.9kg-EAC
01931.0-00without3120VAC, 60Hz576m³/h45W55db (A)2900 rpm (60Hz)3.0kgUL File No. E234324EAC
01931.1-000 to +60°C3120VAC, 60Hz576m³/h45W55db (A)2900 rpm (60Hz)3.4kgUL File No. E234324EAC
01941.0-00without6120VAC, 60Hz1152m³/h90W57db (A)2900 rpm (60Hz)5.3kgUL File No. E234324EAC
01941.1-000 to +60°C6120VAC, 60Hz1152m³/h90W57db (A)2900 rpm (60Hz)5.7kg-EAC
01951.0-00without9120VAC, 60Hz1728m³/h135W58db (A)2900 rpm (60Hz)7.8kgUL File No. E234324EAC
01951.1-000 to +60°C9120VAC, 60Hz1728m³/h135W58db (A)2900 rpm (60Hz)7.9kg-EAC

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Technical Drawing

High-performance 19" Fan Tray LE 019

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